The Addams Family is an American black comedy based on the characters from the cartoon created by Charles Addams, and the 1964 TV series produced by David Levy. This creepy, mysterious, and spooky film is stepping off the screen and onto the stage (and then back onto your zoom screen)! 

   The fun is macabre; what is black to the rest of the world is white to the Addams family. Charles Addams, inspired by his own family and childhood neighborhood, wanted to capture the audience’s reaction of the bizarre family through this strange and ghostly story. He uses the “abnormal” family to portray the idea that family is about accepting others despite their flaws or limitations, and that the term “normal” is invented, and often imprisoning.  

    Gomez and Morticia are a devoted couple who enjoy attending tango sessions and relish all things that are morbid. The kindest thing they do for their children is to let them be who they are. Even if the world looks at them oddly, they walk through it. We often associate the sunny good things to the beautiful parts of life, but all of life is beautiful and valuable, including loss and sadness.

Emilie Preuss