Senior Biographies

RILEY ALTMAN (Costume Crew) god i’m so pretty

ABIGAIL BANNER (Costume Crew) It has been so great getting to work with everyone in the theater department over the past couple of years, I’ll definitely miss it so much:( Best of luck to everyone in the future!!

SOPHIE BLUMENTHAL (Producer) it’s my last show so… this time this bio is only heartfelt.

CEDRIC BUSCHFRERS (Lurch) In my day, I have had many names. I’ve been called Ced by few, known as Poggsaron in some online circles, and once when I was at a hotel people in the lobby referred to me as Dan but my name is not Dan. I was once visited by an alien species and they referred to me as K̵̦͋l̵͇͝o̴̳͋r̸̲̀s̵̤͠h̵̦̾t̷̓͜à̵͙c̴͈̈́ķ̴͂ . Never have I been able to un hear nor un feel those sounds. But I digress. I am known far and wide for my tall stature and gaunt appearance. My interests include reading/playing fantasy books and games, skateboarding, admiring a clear night sky’s celestial beauty, and making boxed Mac and cheese.

ISABELLE BUTT (Stage Manager) Well, this is my last show…Working in this department has given me some amazing friends despite the long nights and that most of my clothes have paint on them. I have learned so much from my long time mentor Mr Benfield and I cannot be more grateful. Despite all the challenges it’s live theatre guys

MIKAYLA CARLEO (Head of Costume) It’s sad to say goodbye to this amazing group of people but Ik that the future Masquers are going to do amazing! I have had an amazing time with NSHS Masquers the past four years and they have truly changed my life I will miss you all so much.

LOGAN CITKO (Lighting Designer) “It’s live theatre guys”

FIONA COLBY (Costume Crew) “You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory” -Spongebob

QUINN CULLEN (Head of Video Crew) Working in the theatre has been so much fun, I’ll miss you guys!

BRIDGET LEWIS (Alice Beineke) Over the years, I attended many Masquers performances to watch my siblings and I couldn’t wait to be a part of this department. Still, I could have never expected how important the Masquers would become to my life. Through these shows I have met the most amazing, kind people and I will never forget the memories that I have made here from Rumors to The Addams Family. I want to thank all of the students and teachers in this department who have made my four years here so special.

ELIZABETH LOCKWOOD (Morticia Addams) “Yer a wizard ‘arry.” “I’m a wot?!”

ALEJANDRA LOPEZ (Costume Crew) the fact that i’m writing this rn is absolutely insane.. i’ve had so much fun and made so many mems in this department with all of y’all and i so regret only joining sophomore year. congrats to all the cast and crew!! I know we’re going to put on an amazing show :’). much love to everyone i’ll miss you all so much xoxo <333

COLLIN MURPHY (Stage Crew) God sent me to this earth to make music no I didn’t.

AVA MOYNIHAN (Production) I made the posters

EMMA NOVIKOV (Propmaster / Assistant Stage Manager) I would like to thank Ben benfield, Domingo and banco for being the best. Congrats everyone 🙂

FIONA SABO (Directing Crew / Video Crew) greg saridakis

HANNAH SCHOEN (Stage Crew) This was fun. See you later.

ZACHARY SULLIVAN (Uncle Fester Addams) If there’s one thing I’ll miss about North Shore High School once I’m in college, it’ll be the theater program. I have never not had fun while putting the spring musical together: whether I’ve got a main role or I’m just in the ensemble. This theater program is the highlight of my year every year, and I can’t wait to take what I’ve learned here to Rochester! Thank you all for four great years, and three great musicals!


CAROLINE TYRKKO (Stage Crew) I can’t believe this is my last high school show!!!! I’ve been a part of the theatre department since I got into the high school. Starred in 3 productions including The Announcer in The 39 Steps! Thank you to the cast, crew, and teachers for helping to make my North Shore Masquers experiences ones I’m going to remember forever! I can’t wait to continue studying theatre in college. I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful show! Thank you for everything Masquers! It’s been an amazing ride!!


KYLE WOLF (Lucas Beineke) I’m so excited to be playing the role of Lucas for this year’s musical. As a Senior, I’m disappointed that this will be my last show at North Shore. However, I’m so grateful that we were able to come together and put on a production in these circumstances!