Senior Biographies

RILEY ALTMAN (Costume Crew) I’m too lazy to find a quote so this works

ABIGAIL BANNER (Costume Crew) I can’t believe that i’m a senior already! Thanks for all the fun memories that I’ll never forget and for being such a fun environment. Congrats everyone!

SAMANTHA BERG (Pamela) A huge thanks to the theatre department for not only being so talented, but for being so fun to work with and inviting! It’s so incredible that we have been given the opportunity to put on this play during such a crazy time and I want to thank Mr. Kleba, Mrs. Kuranishi, and everyone who has worked so hard to make this show go on, for believing in us so much! The most amazing part of this whole experience to me is that while this is my first dramatic play here at North Shore and also my last, you guys have made me feel so welcome from the second I came here last year and joined the cast of Guys and Dolls. I am so grateful to be a part of this family. I’ve loved every minute of it! 

SOPHIE BLUMENTHAL (Producer) this bio is both witty and heartfelt.

ISABELLE BUTT (Stage Manager) Hello, Iz here. But I guess you probably already know me, sort of. Uh so, I’ve worked in theatre since my freshman year and it has honestly been one of the best decisions i have ever made. The community and friends that I have made are worth all the late nights and stressful deadlines no matter how far behind on work I got. It feels weird that I’m writing this because I never want to leave the stage and I never want to stop creating with this amazing community. I want to thank Ben for teaching me what I know and proving to me that I can be a great leader and for Bianco for always being there to support me and the team. Everything has gone by so fast and the people I have worked with have shaped me to be the person who I am and I will be forever grateful. Praise Felicia

MIKAYLA CARLEO (Head of Costume) Theater at NSHS has changed me in so many ways and has given me my second family. We all have been through blood, sweat and tears together and I will never forget the memories we all have made from the late nights during tech week to the emotional pep talks during psych circle. I’m going to miss this family but you all have had such a big impact on me that I will never forget you. Peace out North Shore!!

LOGAN CITKO (Lighting Designer) I’d like to thank Mr. Domingo, Mr. Benfield, Mr. Kleba, and Mrs. Iuvera for all of the opportunities they have given me in the theatre. When I first got involved during Twelve Angry Men, I was just looking for an extracurricular activity to join. Now 5 high school productions, 2 middle school productions, a dance showcase, and 15 concerts later, theatre is a world that I can’t see myself outside of. Three years ago I knew nothing about theatre and lighting design, I want to thank all of those who I have worked with along this journey for all that they have taught me.

FIONA COLBY (Costume Crew) No thoughts head empty

QUINN CULLEN (Head of Video Crew) When I first started helping out with the theatre, I did set crew for a few weeks then did sports. Eventually I stopped doing sports to do set crew full time, and later moved to the video crew. I appreciate everyone who’s helped me throughout the way!!

CHRISTINA GOSLIN (Woman 2 / Innkeeper / Foley Crew) Wow has it been 4 years already? I have been a theater lover and aspiring actress for as long as I can remember. I’ve been a part of the Masquers’ Musicals since my freshman year and The 39 Steps will be my first play with the North Shore Masquers! My past 4 years at North Shore’s Theater Dept. has been nothing short of wonderful! I’m so happy to have the family that I’ve found here. A big thank you to Mr. Kleba, Mrs. K, the production team, the crew team, and the cast for making this shindig happen in such a crazy & different time. Let’s kill it guys! 

GRETCHEN KOTZ (Cigarette Girl / Scottish Driver / Foley Crew) Usually behind the scenes, nice to be onstage for a change… Truly the perfect goodbye to senior year, such a pleasure working with everyone!

BRIDGET LEWIS (Annabella / Doctor / Foley Crew) “Sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot.” -Tom Haverford

ALEJANDRA LOPEZ (Costume Crew) But why y’alls gots to LIEEEEEEEEEE. I just hit a ariana grande note – Onika Tanya Maraj

ISABELLA MARCHESE (Costume Crew) Thank you for the amazing memories! I had such a great time and I will miss everyone. ❤

AVA MOYNIHAN (Production) Poster designer

EMMA NOVIKOV (Propmaster / Assistant Stage Manager) Yay I’m a senior!!!!!!!

CHRISTIANE PODARAS (Lady Memory / Foley Crew) i am in fact, a senior 😀

HANNAH SCHOEN (Scottish Man 1) I happen to be a senior this year. Huh. That’s interesting. How did I get here?

MAX TANDY (Man 1 / Audience) ok ms thing… ok strut your stuff!!!! you are amazing and i love you all a lot 🙂 thank you for sharing this experience with all of you. let’s put on a great show!!!!! 

CAROLINE TYRKKO (Announcer) Can’t believe it’s my last North Shore Masquers play! Thanks to everyone who made all my masquers experiences great ones!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks for including me in this family for the last few years and giving me something I want to have in the future! Enjoy the show and see you at the musical!

KELLY WEBER (Stage Crew) Hi I’m Jess Weber’s sister

KYLE WOLF (Hannay) I’ve been apart of the Masquers program since freshman year, originally playing drum set in the pit and then decided to act last year in The Government Inspector and Guys and Dolls. Whether it’s been in the pit or on the stage, I’ve really enjoyed all of my time creating art and making friends. I will miss my time at North Shore and am excited to participate in the spring musical. Hopefully, it won’t be with masks on, six feet apart, and with a cardboard cutout audience.