Letter from the Director

Everyone’s a little weird. Some of us just hide it better than others.

Our love of “normal” makes sense: we humans are tribal, after all. We’ve learned, over many thousands of years, that the herd around us protects us. Our families, neighborhoods, and friends are all extensions of the group that we call “our people.” We take our cues from each other as we make decisions, we look to each other in times of need, and we cling together during periods of danger and distress. Our tribe helps us understand who we are and keeps us safe.

This school year may be one of the clearest examples of this that many of us have ever seen. We’ve seen the country divide over masks, closures, politicians, and just about anything anyone can bring up. We have a front row seat on the power of tribal forces in our country. And yet, the Pandemic has revealed how interconnected we all are and that our smaller tribes all fit into one human tribe. Our frontline workers– nurses, grocery store clerks, small business owners, sanitation workers, plumbers, custodians, mail and package carriers, and millions more– are no longer easy to take for granted. Here at North Shore, we’ve all had to take stock in how dependent we really are on each other’s well being. We’ve had to separate ourselves, for sure. But it’s only reminded us how much we’re all in this together.

The Addams Family reminds us: no matter how bizarre any of us may appear, no matter how powerful our difference may be, we’re pretty similar deep down. 

I cannot think of a better show for this time. The teachers and students in this program have worked hard and pulled together (at a safe distance) to bring you the Masquers first hybrid, live/prerecord musical in our nearly 60 years of theatre. The North Shore High School Masquers are one of the few performing arts programs (professional or amateur) putting on a live show in the entire country, and we are as proud as can be to be the weird ones who are doing this.

Thank you for your support for the young artists that power this program.

And to you young artists: you don’t need to be “normal.” You just need to be you.

Michael Kleba