Letter from the Director

Yep: we’re doing an old school radio show, right smack in the middle of the mess that is 2020. It’s an old thriller, pulled right from war torn America in the 1940s. And it’s going to blow your mind. 

Let’s get to it: the scope of the pandemic has altered nearly every part of our lives. We work differently, learn differently, play differently; we celebrate and mourn differently. Here at North Shore, from sports to clubs to music to field trips, we’ve had to radically change– and sometimes just plain stop– so many beloved things. It’s been terrible and heartbreaking.  

And that’s why we’re doing theatre in the middle of all of this. From the ancient Greeks to medieval Commedia dell’Arte to Japanese Noh drama… to kids putting on plays in the backyard, theatre CANNOT BE STOPPED. 

You’re going to love this show. It’s old time radio, like our grandparents and great grandparents used to listen to. We’ve got students making live sound effects, using professionally-trained accents, and writing/arranging live music for the show. We’ve got teachers like Domingo, Doherty, Kuranishi, Benfield, and Bianco pulling off heroics with machines, spreadsheets, pomade, and hammers. We’ve got the comedic suspense and genius of Alfred Hitchcock. And, dear listeners, we have you. 

So gather around the old Zoom box, just like our grandparents and great grandparents used to do. Put on something cozy, maybe prepare a hot dinner to eat while you’re listening, and witness one of my favorite things in the world: 

unstoppable students doing something awesome against all the odds. 

Here’s to the best we got in this mixed up world– our kids.

Welcome to the 2020-21 season of Masquers theatre.

Michael Kleba