Leader Spotlights

Iz Butt, Stage Manager, is the mastermind behind our set design. She views the stage as a living art piece. During performances, you can find her with a headset on, giving cues and organizing backstage. 

Sophie Blumenthal, Producer, handles all things logistical behind the scenes. She writes the playbills, coordinates advertising, and directs communication with students, parents, and staff for the theater department. 

Logan Citko artfully utilizes light to set the mood of the stage for the actors. He handles his job with dedication and grace. And despite his expansive responsibilities, Logan is always ready to help others in the department at the drop of a hat.

James Vanchieri plays bass for the Sus Trio, a student-run ensemble that plays live music during shows. James transposed the music for the pieces No Surprises and Young Americans that he will be playing during The 39 Steps.

Lily Perrotta is a cellist for the Sus Trio, Masquer’s student-run live orchestra. Lily also produced the piece, Funeral March for a Marionette, which she will play during The 39 Steps.

Ruben Shonik plays the violin, glockenspiel, and percussion instruments as a member of the theater deptartment’s student-run live orchestra, the Sus Trio. He experiments with different sounds and transitions, utilizing bows and cymbals.

Hayden Citko, Sound Designer, sets up the microphones and makes sure everyone is heard. He also manages the sound board, muting and unmuting people to ensure the show runs smoothly.

Mikayla Carleo designs the appearances of the actors using creativity and research to figure out exactly which outfits work best for each character. She also works hard to preserve costume crew traditions and make everyone’s experience memorable.

Quinn Cullen, head of Video Crew, handles video recording and editing to create smooth transitions between scenes. He also sets up cameras and projectors, edits videos on iMovie, interviews cast and crew, and livestreams performances on Youtube.