Roy & Betty Ten-Haagen Memorial Scholarship

The Roy and Betty Ten Haagen Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc., welcomes you to this innovative theatrical presentation at North Shore. We sincerely hope that this pandemic will be bought under control in the next year so that virtual programs will no longer be necessary, but for now, we empathize with your situation. At this same time we must sadly announce the passing of Jon L Ten-Haagen, co-founder of this scholarship and without whom it might never have gotten off the ground. We will miss him.

The board of directors encourages graduating seniors who have plans to continue in the performing arts to apply for this year’s award in the spring. Enjoy the performance!

Founding Contributors
Anne L. Zohorsky, DDS
Daniel and Agnes Hohenrath
Carol M. Wadon, MD
James W. North, Jr.
First National Bank of L.I.
John and Martha French
David and Coco Santiago
Anna Golden
The Golden Ring Senior Citizens
Youngs Farm
The Annex
Grace W. Terry
Bruce P. Jaufmann, MD
William and Anne Vincent
Jean and Jim Hall
Jean Coe
North Shore Viking Masquers

Kenneth W. Kraft
Bernard Mintz
Lt. James W. Foster
Gregory A. Levy
Ruth Thorley Levy
Carolyn M. Richards
Roxanne S. Ten Haagen
Steven F. Smith
Alice and Gene Ciri
R.L. Foster, Jr.
Mary Roberts Kostzeski
Edward and Kathryn Roberts
Margaret S. Brown

Emily S. Platt ‘94
Michael Epperhart ‘95
Kathleen M. Clancy ‘96
Maura Mahoney ‘97
Philip Cotty ‘98
Francesca Carillo-Vaccino ‘99
Melanie Haldas ‘00
C. Austin Humphrey ‘00
Jarrod E. Hetzer ‘01
Alexandra Carillo-Vaccino ‘02
Anthony LaPetri ‘03
Jenna Curtis ‘04
Margie Micucci ‘05
Kerri Koczen ‘06
Morgan Smith ‘07
Christopher Bert ‘08
Nicholas Corda ‘10
Christian Petroske ‘10
Kathleen Lewis ’11
Kelsey Gronda ‘11
Cosette Carlomusto ‘11
Matthew Mcgrill ‘11
Anna Shelkin ‘12
Rebecca Warzer ‘12
Ryan Gibson ‘13
Kevin Quinn ‘14
Jeremy Lipton ‘15
Samantha LiVigni ‘15
Marianna Hoitt-Lange ‘16
Michael Russo ‘17
Gabriel Dranow ‘18
Olivia Bross ‘19
Zoe Siegel ‘20